6 Reasons to Sell CBD Bath Bombs in Your Store

sell cbd bath bombs

Sell CBD Bath Bombs – Bath bombs are some of our best-selling CBD products. Sellers regularly contact us regarding our white-label and private-label CBD bath bombs and we’re proud to deliver within only a few short weeks. But why are bath bombs so popular and why should you sell CBD bath bombs in your store? Let’s discuss.

Bath Bomb Popularity

According to Statista, CBD bath bombs account for about 9 percent of the total CBD market with most consumers swaying female under 35. In fact, some industry experts project that the CBD bath bomb industry could be worth $350 million USD by 2025! Much of this increase in interest could relate to an increased focus on self-care and personal wellness, though that’s certainly not the only reason consumers absolutely love CBD bath bombs. Some other reasons consumers love CBD bath bombs include their positive impact on the skin and muscles and their amazingly photogenic qualities.

6 Reasons to Sell CBD Bath Bombs in Your Retail Store

Our clients have had amazing success with their CBD bath bomb sales! Importantly, there are many reasons customers come to us for quality CBD bath products. The following are just a few examples of why our clients love to sell CBD bath bombs in their stores.

They’re Popular

Bath bombs are some of the most popular bath time additives that people use today. They produce amazing fragrances, nourish the entire skin surface, and add a fun little fizz to otherwise calm bathtime waters. Bath bombs infused with CBD include all these popular features while triggering cannabinoid receptors in the skin. This only increases CBD bath bomb popularity because they help people relax and heal at the same time.

Good for Skin

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a phytocannabinoid that triggers endocannabinoid receptors. In other words, this plant-based element can bind and activate specific receptors in the skin to help reduce topical irritations and imperfections. In doing, CBD may improve elasticity, reduce redness and swelling, block bacterial and fungal infections, and more. What’s more, when used alongside other skin-friendly ingredients like shea butter and essential oils, CBD bath bombs can help nourish the mind and body.

May Relax Muscles

CBD’s proposed anti-inflammatory properties may help relax the body and reduce muscle soreness. In fact, one study found that topical CBD “significantly reduced joint swelling…” and reduced spontaneous pain associated with inflammation. As such, CBD bath bombs may be a great solution for athletes, sickness sufferers, or anyone who needs whole-body topical muscle pain relief.


This hemp-derived cannabinoid produces no psychoactive effects, so consumers will never feel “high” or otherwise intoxicated when using CBD bath bombs. Even so, topical CBD products generally do not penetrate the blood-brain barrier, meaning that cannabinoids in bath bombs will never make it to the brain anyway. Nevertheless, these popular self-care products may help calm the mind and relax the body in a natural, clear-headed manner.

Promotes Self-Care

Research continually supports the amazing benefits of self-care. For example, studies show that those who regularly engage in self-care habits experience less stress and higher levels of life satisfaction. They also tend to be more resilient and less likely to experience distress during intensive experiences. Thus, by selling CBD bath bombs, companies can reinforce the value of self-care and the importance of their customers to their brand.

Customizable Ingredients

Our CBD bath bombs come in your choice of sizes and potencies. Specifically, we can infuse 25-100 of full-spectrum CBD into our bath bombs in either two- or five-ounce sizes. We can also accommodate specific fragrances and colors to match a brand’s aesthetic and product or marketing goals.

Ready to Sell CBD Bath Bombs? VCM Can Help

VCM is a proud industry player with decades of combined experience farming, manufacturing, and distributing premium CBD products. We’ve been growing our business for many years and would love to help yours gorw, too.

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