SEO for CBD: 5 Tips for Successful Hemp Marketing


SEO for CBD Companies – SEO is one of the most effective marketing strategies CBD companies can employ. Notably, SEO is a long game, often taking months of consistent engagement before a business will see results. However, those who persistently engage in the following SEO best practices for CBD companies will likely see incredible results. Within months, an effective SEO strategy for cannabis companies should increase targeted website traffic, boost sales, promote brand awareness, and more.

Today, we’ll outline important SEO best practices for CBD companies and then discuss what you can do to ensure your diligent effort is as fruitful as possible.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it’s a strategy by which companies publish and share keyword-rich, carefully formatted web content to attract a highly targeted online audience. SEO improves website visibility among people who are already interested in the product or service, or at least those who search for terms most relevant to the website’s theme. In doing, SEO helps attract the precise demographic that a brand caters to, thereby improving the chance of a sale among every visitor that comes in. SEO for CBD companies uses these same principles.

Notably, SEO is a form of organic marketing that helps bypass the need for paid advertising. This is especially important among CBD companies because many marketing platforms refuse to promote cannabis-based products. What’s more, unlike paid ads, SEO improves over time, proving that success is more a matter of endurance rather than a high marketing budget.

How Does SEO for CBD work?

A search engine’s primary goal is to populate a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) with information most relevant to a specific keyword or term. Web crawlers (commonly called “bots” or “spiders”) consider many information points when determining the most relevant websites to share, including things like domain authority, topic relevance, website engagement, and more.

Within seconds, web crawlers can determine how applicable a web page is to a user’s search term. They then organize the results according to a perceived hierarchy of relevance. Consequently, businesses that wish to attract highly valuable website visitors should optimize their website for terms most relevant to their target demographic. Here’s how:

Best SEO for CBD Strategies

Web crawlers consider many variables when determining the most relevant pages to display in SERPs. An effective CBD SEO strategy requires optimizing each web page with these variables in mind. The following tips can help you do the same.

Tip #1: Publish Quality Content Consistently

The best way to convince search engines of your relevancy is to prove you know your stuff. Do so by publishing quality, keyword-friendly content to your website regularly. Blogging is an excellent content strategy, as are e-books, user guides, and well-placed landing pages.

Notably, you should optimize all content for keywords related to the page’s topic and the website as a whole. Also, include variations, but be careful not to “stuff” the content with too many keywords, which could penalize your site. Make sure keywords read as naturally as possible and that the content includes ample information about the subject.

Importantly, longer documents often indicate more detail but must be formatted properly so web crawlers – and website visitors – can easily scan the page. Keyword-optimized subheaders and images will help.

Tip #2: Employ Strategic Link Building Strategies

Links help build a website’s credibility. For example, sites that link to reliable, authoritative sources are generally viewed as more credible themselves. What’s more, internal links help each page rank faster, thus improving the whole site’s rank. To clarify, internal links are those that go from one internal web page to another. Finally, backlinks from other well-performing websites help solidify a website’s value within its sector. Of course, the easiest way to earn backlinks is to publish awesome content on the regular (see Tip #1).

Tip #3: Optimize Meta Data, Too

Metadata is simply information about information. When it comes to web content, metadata refers to information that helps explain what a web page is actually about. Examples of metadata include page titles, subheaders, images, page descriptions, and so on. By optimizing metadata with relevant keywords, spiders can quickly assess a page’s topic and relevancy to a specific search query.

Notably, you should always be cognizant of variable formatting between devices. For example, SERPS often display smaller on mobile devices, so information like page titles, URLs, and descriptions should be concise and front-loaded with appropriate keywords.

Tip #4: Share, Share, Share

It’s not enough to publish content then wait for Google to bring in the traffic. With all the effort that goes into producing quality content, you should proudly boast your work. Social media is a great place to share your content and gives followers more opportunities to engage with your brand. You can also share blog links via email, for example, in a newsletter or email marketing campaign, as well as forums and discussions relevant to the topic.

Tip #5: Index Pages Through Google Search Console

When you connect your website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you can track your incoming traffic, monitor their activity, and modify your content plan accordingly. What’s more, you can request that Google gives priority indexing to each web page to help boost its visibility quickly. Simply copy/paste the web pages you wish to index. Simply click the “URL Inspection” tab on the left of your Google Console dashboard, paste the URL into the search bar, and press “Enter.” The platform will run the URL to determine if it’s eligible for indexing and, if so, click the “Request Indexing” button to the right of your screen.

Final Thoughts About SEO for CBD Companies

SEO is an incredibly effective marketing strategy, but it takes a lot of work and consistent dedication to its improvement. Notably, SEO helps people find you, but great products encourage them to keep coming back.

To ensure your CBD brand is as successful as possible, employ these basic SEO for CBD strategies and secure a reliable source of quality CBD products to dazzle your customers.

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