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VCM is a team of proud hemp farming and manufacturing experts. Our services include many types of CBD business support, including supply chain management, hemp business consulting, package and label design, and educational business material. Of course, at the heart of it all is a passion for hemp and a strong desire to support its ever-evolving commercial landscape.

cbd supply chain management

VCM can manage your entire supply chain process, including hemp farming, cannabinoid extraction, product development, packaging and labeling, and more. Our team of professionals combines decades of experience to bring you the best CBD wholesale products for your store. We feature a variety of unique and customizable options to help you formulate the perfect products for your target audience. Whether you want to supplement an existing product line or stock your store from square one, we’ve got you covered.

Notably, we follow Good Manufacturing Practices every step of the way and will provide all necessary documentation to prove product compliance. As such, you’ll never worry about inconsistent products or unpredictable results when you choose VCM as your CBD supplier. What’s more, we aim to stay ahead of industry trends so that you can stay ahead of them, too.

Contact us to learn more about our new and trending CBD products or let our custom formulations expert design the perfect product for you.


We are one of the most experienced greenhouses in the USA.

With over 30+ years of experience in agriculture, along with six years of successfully farming and harvesting hundreds of acres of hemp, we are one of the most experienced greenhouses/growers in the US.

Our process starts with compliant hemp strains that produce high quality cannabinoids and desirable terpenes that form the basis for excellent CBD and related products.


Our growers follow the best agricultural practices.

Our decades of experience truly shines when it comes to cultivating and harvesting hemp. Utilizing the best agricultural practices allows us to grow the highest quality plants that produce the highest yields.

Whether it’s keeping your process completely natural or pesticide-free, or growing strains that are exclusive to your brand, we can offer options you wouldn’t get anywhere else.


We use the best extraction methods.

Our state-of-the-art processing facilities use the latest extraction technologies and methods to extract, process, and refine the hemp.

Depending on your preference, there are also different methods of extraction as well, which affect the efficacy and purity of distillate.


We offer the most popular CBD-infused products in our catalog.

With a catalog of over 20+ different types of products, we’re able to help you create the product you want, exactly how you want it, using our GMP certified manufacturing facilities that hold additional certifications such as FDA certified in food, OTC, Pharma and FSMA, along with BRC (UK).

With strict quality control practices and streamlined operations, we’re able to provide fast turnaround times on all our orders.


In addition to supply chain management, we offer other services to CBD brands looking to maximize their potential.


With over 70+ years of experience, we’ll answer any questions you have.

We’ve helped countless brands in every step of the value chain. We can help you create new product formulations, make your old product formulations better, optimize your processes, or simply provide advice on relevant aspects of your business.

With over 70+ years of experience combined, Tod and Will are veterans in the CBD and Hemp space and can answer any question you may have.


We’ll create any product you want, exactly how you want it.

Have a new product idea? Tell us about it! We’ll help you create the product you’ve been dreaming of, exactly how you want it.

Our certified lab tests can verify the contents of your formulation, which we can then customize to your preference, down to the exact cannabinoid percentage and bioavailability!


Need designs or images for your business? We’ve got you covered.

We also offer graphic design services for CBD brands. Our in-house team of rockstar designers can create any image or graphic you’re looking for, in stunning quality.

Whether it’s a logo, banner, product mockup, website imagery, or more, feel free to reach out to us for any of your designing needs.

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