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Hemp Edibles are Increasingly Popular, and We’re Here for it!

hemp edibles

Hemp Edibles are an easy way to consume CBD for long-lasting effects. Edibles represent any CBD-infused ingestible product, such as gummies, dry capsules, tinctures, and more. Essentially, if it goes in the mouth and contains hemp components, it is an edible hemp product. However, there is much more to edibles than whether or not consumers […]

CBD Soft Gels are a Consumer Favorite: Find Out Why

cbd soft gels

CBD soft gels make a wonderful addition to any CBD product lineup. Soft gels offer a precise, effortless way to consume CBD on the go for a wide range of potential benefits. Health-conscious consumers love the way these CBD soft gels work, potentially improving things like pain, sleeplessness, stress, and worry. With numerous formulas to choose from, there’s never a bad time to consume CBD soft gels. Why You’ll Love VCM’s […]

Common Cannabinoid Extraction Methods in the Hemp Industry

cannabinoid extraction methods

Cannabinoid Extraction Methods – Cannabinoids are the core of all our hemp-based items. Notably, CBD, CBG, CBN and other hemp-sourced cannabinoids are leading ingredients in our extensive white- and private-label product line, and we use many different extraction types to create them. Our clients can choose from full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolate, or nano CBD additives to […]

Hemp and Women’s Health: 6 Ways CBD Can Help

ways hemp helps women

6 Ways Hemp Helps Women – Hemp is a common ingredient in many wellness products, and for good reason! Studies suggest that hemp-based products may help reduce inflammation, improve metabolic health, boost cardiovascular function, and more. And though there are countless applications for this non-psychoactive substance, today, we’d like to focus on the many ways […]

The Best Wholesale Hemp Wellness Products for Your Store

wholesale hemp wellness products

There’s a growing demand for quality wholesale hemp wellness products, especially following the COVID pandemic. This increased focus on health (both mental and physical) has reaffirmed the importance of whole-body wellness and consumers are ready for a new approach. Explaining the Rising Interest in Hemp Wellness Products Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD […]

Hemp Gummy Manufacturer: Why You Need One

Hemp Gummy Manufacturer

Hemp Gummy Manufacturer – Securing a quality hemp gummy manufacturer could help propel your CBD business and brand. In fact, many consumers prefer CBD gummies because they offer convenient consumption, precise dosing, and wonderful flavor. Today, we’ll discuss some benefits of CBD in the body, outline a few reasons consumers love gummy hemp products, then […]

Consumers Agree on the Best CBD Gifts for the Holidays

Best CBD Gifts for the Holidays

Best CBD Gifts for the Holidays – With the holidays quickly approaching, many CBD businesses are realizing the value of a versatile product line. Notably, CBD brands that offer unique products always seem to stand out amongst holiday shoppers, all of whom desperately seek the perfect gifts for their loved ones.  If you’d like your […]

Custom CBD Formulas from Expert, Matt Hatcher

custom CBD formulas

Custom CBD Formulas – VCM proudly supports all areas of the supply chain, from farm to store and everything in between. Importantly, this includes developing custom CBD formulas that cater to all CBD consumer demographics. Whether a brand’s target market is athletes, seniors, soccer moms, or anyone else, we can formulate products to meet their […]

Introducing PGF CBD Powder

PGF CBD Powder

PGF CBD powder represents the latest in CBD processing technology. Essentially, scientists process hemp (or any other botanical) concentrates into precise, measurable powders. They then test the powder to determine exactly which elements are in it and at what concentrations. Next, processors use simple math to mix and match different powders to develop highly targeted […]

Types of CBD Extract

types of CBD extract

Types of CBD Extract – Many of our customizable CBD products include your choice of CBD extract. For example, you might infuse some of your products with full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, others with CBD isolate, and the rest with premium emulsified nano CBD. The types of CBD extract infused into your products are your choice, […]