Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities in 2023

Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities

Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities – We often express the benefit of selling innovative cannabinoid products as a means of brand differentiation. However, you can’t sell a unique product to a demographic that isn’t interested in it. For example, before selling CBD oral strips online, you must understand your top CBD oral strips sales opportunities. If they fit well within your business model, then they could be one of your best-selling hemp products very soon!

Before selling CBD oral strips, you must understand the top CBD oral strips sales opportunities and ensure they align with your brand’s mission. Here’s how.

How to Find Sales Opportunities in the Hemp Space

The best way to determine sales opportunities for CBD mouth strips is to first analyze the broader hemp cannabinoid market against your specific business model. To begin, track consumer activity across various platforms and note how the overall data compares to your brand analytics. For example, you might measure things like email engagements, social mentions, website performance, and buyer trends against overall hemp industry trends and projections. Note which content gets the most attention along with the demographics of those most engaged, then outline sales opportunities and potential marketing strategies accordingly.

Once you’ve determined potential sales opportunities for your brand, it’s time to develop buyer personas to match your sales goals. To be clear, a buyer persona is a hypothetical character that represents a brand’s target buyer audience. Buyer personas are generally well-defined, which helps marketers determine the best products and most effective marketing strategies for each. Buyer personas should include information like name, age, occupation, pain points, special interests, communication preferences, and buying habits.

Next, determine your product budget and all applicable price points and measure these variables against buyer personas and trends. This step is crucial as it will determine the feasibility of a sale and the likelihood of a substantial ROI. Notably, some brands start with a relatively small batch to test the market before placing larger orders to lower the cost per product. Contact us to discuss our low MOQ options.

Finally, review commercial hemp law in each of your distribution areas, bearing in mind that some jurisdictions restrict certain products and cannabinoids, and may include specific labeling and shipping protocol, as well. Please see to this summary of alternative hemp cannabinoid laws in the USA and refer to local legislative websites for specifics.

Hemp Buyer Trends and Projections

Understanding hemp buyer trends can also help you determine the top CBD oral strips sales opportunities. Though there are many statistics we could delve into, it basically boils down to a few key factors. For example, the hemp cannabinoid market is predominantly male, representing about 2/3 of total CBD sales last year. However, women are the fastest-growing demographic, catching on only after engaging in thorough research and gathering enough positive reviews to proceed.

Men are also more likely to purchase intoxicating alternative cannabinoid products like Delta 8 gummies, D10 gel caps, and hemp D8 oral strips. Women, on the other hand, tend to prefer to consume non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN, likely to an increased tendency to experience anxiety from intoxicating cannabinoids.

Finally, most people claim to use CBD to help manage pain, improve sleep, and reduce feelings of anxiety. However, intoxicating cannabinoids are gaining substantial momentum in the recreational hemp industry. All-in-all, many people seem to prefer targeted, condition-specific products, especially those with improved bioavailability like sublingual hemp oral strips.

Example Personas Representing the Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities in 2023

Taking the above information into account, let’s build a few example buyer personas most likely to buy CBD oral strips in 2023.

First, we have Dillon, a 32-year-old single male who works full-time backing boxes in a warehouse. Dillion enjoys the uplifting, euphoric effects of Delta 10 to carry him throughout the day and Delta 8 products to relax after work. However, he doesn’t have much time to consume hemp products, nor does he have a lot of room to carry them. Consequently, he prefers the convenience and highly-portable nature of hemp oral strips, which he likes to purchase from local brick-and-mortar storefronts. His favorite communication platform is social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram.

Next is Jessica, a 42-year-old single mother with a lot on her plate! Between work, child care, and other domestic responsibilities, Jessica doesn’t have much time to relax. Fortunately, she has a pack of calming CBD oral strips, which she consumes as needed to help tame a stressful day. She’s particularly fond of their convenience and superior portability on top of the fast-acting, non-intoxicating relief they provide. Jessica prefers to shop online following extensive product research through standard search engines like Google and Bing. Product reviews and brand recommendations are also highly valuable to Jessica.

Lastly, we have Doris, a 57-year-old married woman who works as a secretary from 9-5, Monday through Friday. Doris struggles with everyday aches and pains, which tend to cause sleeplessness and sluggishness throughout the day. As such, Doris prefers predictable products that take effect quickly without causing metabolic strain. Doris loves full-spectrum CBD mouth strips because they usher consistent, predictable doses of CBD into the bloodstream within minutes after consumption. Doris’s preferred communication channel is direct email, with an optional call line available if necessary.

Top CBD Oral Strips Sales Opportunities; Closing Thoughts

The most successful brands learn about the top sales opportunities within their demographic through careful market research, budget analysis, and regulatory planning. To learn more about exciting new sales opportunities within the hemp space, contact us or join our community.

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