Trending Hemp Products You Should Know About

Trending Hemp Products

Trending Hemp Products — Successful CBD companies must understand the trending hemp products landscape to maintain their competitive edge. To be clear, the hemp industry is evolving at massive speed and consumers expect businesses to stay on top of it. That means maintaining stock of both standard and trending hemp products and marketing them to the proper demographics. Let’s discuss what that means for your hemp business.

Current Hemp Market Projections

Experts project that the hemp market will grow at a 6 percent CAGR between 2021 and 2027, fueled largely by evolving hemp regulations and increased interest in natural wellness products. Additionally, advocates highlight hemp’s environmental benefit, outlining its superior sustainability compared to competitors. This, coupled with hemp’s impressive nutritional profile makes the plant incredibly appealing to many demographics.

Factors Contributing to Hemp Industry Growth

Though the hemp industry will likely expand for many years, its growth is not as substantial as originally projected. Some factors that likely contributed to this stagnation include restrictive hemp laws and economic challenges due to COVID. However, these discrepancies are largely evening out in these post-pandemic times, especially given the increased interest in sustainability, health, and self-care.

2023 Trending Hemp Products

As the CBD industry continues to thrive, many business owners seek unique and trending hemp products to help secure their space among the expanding landscape. Hemp product buyers want items that appeal to different demographics while still aligning with their business’s mission statement. This, of course, makes private-label product suppliers especially enticing, though pre-formulated white-label products still seem to take the cake.

Taking this into account, some hemp products will hold more appeal than others overall. For example, self-care and personal wellness are continually the most commonly purchased CBD products on the market. According to Global Market Insights, the demand for personal care items will grow the fastest followed by hemp animal products and items containing broad or unique cannabinoid profiles.

Novel consumption methods are also of great interest, especially sprays, vaporizers, and cannabinoid-infused candies. Products that target specific conditions are also highly attractive, particularly those that contain natural botanical ingredients in addition to hemp-based cannabinoids and terpenes.

Interestingly, alternative cannabinoids are increasingly popular, especially in areas with more restrictive cannabis laws. To be clear, alternative cannabinoids refer to intoxicating hemp cannabinoids. Notably, scientists synthesize many alternative cannabinoids in a laboratory from cannabidiol or CBD.

Importantly, there has been discussion regarding their legality. However, the Federal Appeals Court recently confirmed that all parts of the hemp plant are legal, including cannabinoids and derivatives. As such, alternative cannabinoids like D8, D9, D10, and HHC are federally legal and commercially acceptable. Notably, alternative cannabinoids generally find themselves in inhalable and edible products.

Buy Trending Hemp Products From VCM

The VCM hemp product line is extensive and includes common CBD products like tinctures and bath bombs as well as unique and trending products like alternative cannabinoids, candies, oral strips, patches, and more. Many of our products include both white-label and private-label varieties with low MOQs and lead times.

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