Types of CBD Extract

types of CBD extract

Types of CBD Extract – Many of our customizable CBD products include your choice of CBD extract. For example, you might infuse some of your products with full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, others with CBD isolate, and the rest with premium emulsified nano CBD. The types of CBD extract infused into your products are your choice, though our product consultants are happy to share their thoughts.

Having said that, it’s generally best to head into your CBD product consultation with a basic idea of your ideal products and CBD types. As such, we’d like to share a breakdown of the four different types of CBD extract you can infuse into your private label CBD products

Why Extract CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, develops in the resinous trichomes that coat female cannabis flowers. Though many consume CBD via inhalation, extracting it from the flower gives processors more product options and more accurate dosing procedures. Moreover, consumers prefer different modes of ingestion for different effects. For example, someone may prefer to eat CBD for longer-lasting general relief whereas others may prefer topical products for more targeted applications.  

CBD Extraction Methods

The easiest and most thorough way to remove CBD from hemp plants is with solvents like alcohol, C02, or butane. Once the solvent strips the cannabinoid-rich oil from the plant, processors purge the substance to remove residual solvents. If the product still contains a full spectrum of the plant’s compounds after purging, then it is called “full-spectrum CBD oil.”

However, CBD processing does not always stop here. Sometimes, manufacturers will continue to refine their CBD extracts, removing some compounds and infusing with others, purifying it to its purest form, or emulsifying it into an incredibly potent powder or tincture.  Each of these CBD extraction types can be infused into unique branded CBD products for unique flavor profiles, effects, and potencies.

Different Types of CBD Extract

VCM makes it easy to customize your outsourced CBD products by offering four different CBD extract types. Consider the following when formulating your next great CBD product.

Full Spectrum

As mentioned, full-spectrum CBD oil includes a full spectrum of hemp cannabis compounds. For example, full-spectrum hemp CBD oil includes the same terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that came from the original hemp plant. As such, this amber-colored oil often boasts a strong hemp flavor and a proposed entourage of benefits. Essentially, experts believe that these compounds work together to provide more synergistic benefits than a single compound could provide. Importantly, full-spectrum CBD hemp oil could contain trace levels of THC, which is an intoxicating cannabinoid. Be that as it may, there is generally not enough THC in hemp to cause someone to feel “high.”

Broad Spectrum

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is just like full-spectrum oil minus all THC. As such, it is still very robust and will still produce an entourage of benefits. However, its complete lack of THC makes broad-spectrum products attractive for those who are sensitive to THC’s effects, including pets who metabolize cannabinoids much more thoroughly than humans. Broad-spectrum CBD oil may also be ideal for those who retail in particularly restrictive states and territories.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is a type of CBD extract that consists solely of isolated CBD. That’s it. All other elements are removed, leaving behind a crystalline powder that dissolves easily in oils and alcohol. Notably, isolate CBD has a very mild flavor, which makes it a great choice for edibles like gummies and tinctures. Moreover, because it is so pure, there is no chance of THC ingestion, and the dosing is quite accurate.

Nano CBD

Nano CBD is a cannabidiol isolate that’s been emulsified into one-millionth of its original size to improve absorption and extend its active duration. Nanotechnology is nothing new, though. It’s been used in both the food and medical community for many years to improve bioavailability, bioactivity, and compound accuracy. In terms of CBD, nanotechnology helps the hydrophobic compound absorb into the blood by increasing its surface area. Notably, research suggests that nano CBD absorbs quicker and stays active longer than traditional CBD products.

Pharmaceutical Grade Flowable CBD Powder

This CBD type is a bit different from the rest because of its meticulous processing methods and precise dosing structure. Often delivered in a dry capsule, PGF CBD powder allows formulation experts to mix precise quantities of other plant-based elements for more synergistic (customizable) qualities.

How to Choose the Best CBD for Your Products

VCM’s customizable CBD products allow you to choose which CBD types to infuse into your products. When choosing the best CBD to infuse into your CBD products, consider things like flavor profile, texture, and desired effects. Our formulation experts are happy to help you decide how to customize your private label CBD products. Contact us to learn more.

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