Important Considerations Regarding White Label CBD Products

white label CBD products

White Label CBD Products make it easy for businesses to quickly launch and expand their product lines. White label products are pre-formulated items that are manufactured by a third party then sold to retailers who then sell them to consumers for a slight mark-up. This dynamic works well for everyone involved – the retailer makes money and keeps his shelves stocked without having to produce anything in-house and the manufacturer has a return customer base for his awesome hemp products.

What are White Label CBD Products?

As mentioned, white label CBD products are those that a third party develops and sells to retailers. As the name implies, white label products are perfect for businesses who want to add their own label and branding to existing formulas then sell them as their own.  

To be clear, white label products differ from private label products because they use standardized formulations. Companies that wish to sell custom products should seek a private label distributor to help them develop the ideal formulations for their unique needs.

Benefits of Using White Label CBD Products

Buying white label CBD products is an excellent way to outsource product development and quality control. By appointing a dedicated team for your product development, you can focus on more important things like promoting and running your company. Notably, a supplier’s reputation is crucial when outsourcing CBD product development due to strict compliance issues throughout the nation.

Additionally, white label products consist of tried-and-true products that consumers already like. There’s no need to waste time formulating the perfect product when an experienced CBD supplier can do it for you. These formulas are generally very well-received and only require a label to make them your own.

What’s more, reputable suppliers usually have a large network of peers, meaning they have access to the best farming, processing, and manufacturing teams and supplies available. Some CBD suppliers (like VCM) manage the entire supply chain — from farm to your store. This streamlines the process by removing middlemen to help save you money on your next white label CBD products purchase.

Lastly, outsourcing white label CBD products can help save you money – a lot of money! That’s because white labeling omits the need to source cannabinoids and manufacture products in-house. Notably, the tools necessary to produce these items are quite expensive and generally require substantial space to operate. But you don’t need to use any of those tools when you buy white label CBD products from a qualified supply chain manager.

Drawbacks to Using White Label Products

Admittingly, white label CBD products aren’t right for everyone. Sometimes brands with big ideas need big help producing customized products for their unique preferences. If this is the case, then a private-label CBD provider might be a better solution as white labeling offers no proprietary formulas. Aside from labels, packaging, and marketing, one brand’s white labeled product is exactly the same as some other brands.

Additionally, companies have no control over the manufacturing process when they buy white label products. This is a good thing in that it saves considerable time and money, but also requires diligence when choosing the best CBD product manufacturer. As such, only choose product suppliers with great reputations, reliable manufacturing processes, and thorough testing and record-keeping procedures when sourcing white label CBD products.

Choosing the Best CBD Products for Your Store

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Before you can determine whether to buy white-label CBD products or private-label products, you must understand exactly what kind of products you need. To decide this, closely consider your target consumer. Think about things like why they purchase CBD products and how they prefer to consume them once they have them. Once you’ve defined your target audience, then you can determine which product types to stock in your store.

With a clear product goal in mind, seek a reputable manufacturer to meet your requirements. Look for companies with experience developing the exact product type want and check to ensure they can accommodate both your budget and minimum order quantity.

Final Thoughts About White Label CBD Products

The best CBD brands know their audience well and sell products that meet their unique preferences. Fortunately, many consumers prefer the same CBD product types, most of which we already manufacture in-house. All you have to do is slap your branded label on them, then share them with your audience of eager buyers.

Of course, if you’d like more unique formulations, we can help with that, too! Our formulation expert, Matt Hatcher, can help you develop customized products using formulas as unique as you are.

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