Wholesale CBD Oil for Pets; How to Source a Great Pet CBD Supplier

Wholesale CBD Oil for Pets

Finding wholesale CBD oil for pets takes careful consideration. As a pet-friendly brand, you must consider both the animals you help and the people who purchase their products. As such, your CBD pet tincture supplier should ensure that their products are high-quality and beneficial to everyone. 

If you’re looking for the best white-label CBD oil for pets, then keep the following points in mind.

Ingredients Matter

Humans and animals process various foods differently. For example, whereas MCT oil is perfectly healthy for humans, it might cause digestive issues in dogs in high amounts. As such, the best CBD oil to give dogs is likely one that uses a better carrier agent, such as wheat germ oil. To be clear, wheat germ is very beneficial to dogs because it contains high levels of Vitamin E, plus Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Together, these elements can help improve a dog’s skin and coat, reduce itching and irritation, reduce inflammation, and minimize shedding.

What’s more, certain flavor additives could help make CBD oil for dogs more palatable, making it much easier to ensure they receive their once- or twice-daily dose of CBD. For example, VCM’s CBD oil for dogs comes in three pet-friendly flavors, including bacon, chicken, and sweet potato, with optional unflavored options available, as well.

Always Verify the COAs of Wholesale CBD Oil for Pets

CBD product mislabeling is unfortunately common, which can be dangerous for pets who could inadvertently ingest dangerous substances or inaccurate cannabinoid levels. As such, brands should always source their wholesale CBD oil for pets from distributors who include COAs with every batch.

To be clear, a COA, or Certificate of Analysis, is a document outlining different product components. Notably, most COAs should include the specific product’s cannabinoid profile and potency, contaminants and residual solvents, and the laboratory’s identity. Ideally, a COA should confirm that a third party conducted the test and that the product includes exactly what the label suggests.

Understand THC Sensitivity in Animals

Though all mammals have an endocannabinoid system, not all endocannabinoid systems are built the same. For example, dogs reportedly have a much denser collection of cannabinoid receptors, which makes them more vulnerable to the effects of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. As such, many brands opt for broad-spectrum CBD oil for pets to avoid the risk of intoxication.

On the other hand, some brands prefer to use full-spectrum CBD in their dog hemp oil to capture the full benefit of the Entourage Effects. To be clear, the entourage effect refers to the idea that certain elements work better together than when consumed separately. Accordingly, full-spectrum CBD extract, which could also contain low levels of THC, may be more beneficial for pets and last longer in the bloodstream, too!

Notably, VCM offers many custom CBD for pets options, including both broad- and full-spectrum products. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your brand’s pet CBD oil needs.

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